Lead Generation for Professional Services

November 17, 2021

Are you looking for lead generation services for your CPA firm?

Growth Genius knows how to target your ideal clients, find prospects, create campaigns to reach prospects, and measure the success of your prospecting campaigns. As experts of your domain, you need to know how important it is to utilize industry specialists to maximize efficiencies in the tasks that fall outside of your purview.

When clients choose us as a lead generation service for their CPA firm, we help by:

- Using our proprietary lead generation software to find your firm new opportunities
- Tailoring campaigns specifically for B2B engagements
- Creating additional monthly sales
- Creating referrals and networking opportunities outside of your existing COIs

Learning more about our services can take less than 30 minutes with one of our Growth Consultants.

Leveraging Automated Outreach for Lead Generation

GrowthGenius can help your firm generate new revenue opportunities with an automated approach. By taking an automated outbound approach, we reach more businesses in need of your firm’s services more consistently. You may be wondering how many businesses we can reach per month … and typically, we respond with approximately 800 contacts per month. Do you think planting 800 seeds, sparking conversations through replies, and connecting with prospective clients is right for your business? Join us for a Growth Consultation so we can dive deeper into finding the right fit for your firm.

Rely less on banks or referral networks that become saturated quickly and only offer new leads sporadically. Building an efficient lead pipeline is easier than you may think. When you put your firm in our hands, we can lead new channel growth opportunities and use automated outbound campaigns to target the ideal clients for your firm’s service offerings.

We can help you connect with more clients to boost revenues in peak season or find new clients for off-peak engagements.

Your CPA Practice

What specific vertical market or specific service (such as business evaluations) does your CPA firm target? We understand how a niche marketing approach can help differentiate your practice and result in higher profit margins.

Does your CPA practice seek to become a trusted business advisor providing consultative and planning services to clients? By moving away from low-value transaction services and after-the-fact reporting to proactive consulting and financial planning services, your CPA practice can deepen client relationships and increase firm profitability.

Lead generation doesn't have to be difficult, but it can be for some CPA services, especially when firms have to heavily rely on existing clients for referrals and banks for new business.

Innovative firms are using GrowthGenius to tap into new markets while consistently leveraging their value proposition.

How We Think About Top Line Cash Management For Your Firm

GrowthGenius understands that CPA practices face seasonal demand for tax services and build cash reserves during this time. Firms may rely on lines of credit to meet expenses during slow months, such as January and the summer months.

We know that extracting the most value from the peak accounting seasons is one way to build cash reserves for slower seasons.

Do you want to make the most out of your peak season? Book a growth consultation to learn how to attract new clients to your practice at scale for the February - April tax season.  

How We Think About Your Cash Management Challenges

We understand a few factors causing cash flow stress in accounting services include:

- Seasonality
- Timely billing
- Customer non-payment

GrowthGenius knows that CPA firms have many financial needs. Financing cash shortfalls during periods of short demand and cash management services to reduce back-office costs and accelerate cash flow are just two examples.

We also understand the challenges CPA firms experience, including:

- Bringing in new clients to grow fees
- Client retention as companies and individuals are looking to reduce costs
- Keeping up with changes in tax laws and accounting standards
- Retaining qualified staff
- Security of client information

Sales for CPA practices in the U.S. are forecasted to grow at a 5.96% compounded annual rate from 2020 to 2025. Let us help you capitalize on the growth trends by providing a lead generation strategy. An offensive strategy is a power play to bring in new clients to grow fees.

Niche Marketing For Your CPA Practice

Industry trends favour firms that use niche marketing. Many CPA practices focus on specific vertical markets (such as healthcare professionals) or specific services (such as business valuation) to compete more effectively.

A niche marketing approach will differentiate your practice against larger competitors. Consider reviewing what vertical markets and services your practice manages exceptionally well. Once you can clearly identify what your firm does well, double down on the value proposition by creating new marketing collateral to exemplify the type of work you want to do for your ideal clients.

If your firm benefits from expert advice, feel free to book a Growth Consultation with GrowthGenius today!

We Can Help You Become Trusted Business Advisors

With increased computer automation and a weakened economy, CPA practices seek to become “trusted business advisors,” providing additional consulting and planning services to clients.

By moving away from low-value transaction services and after-the-fact reporting to proactive consulting and financial planning services, CPA practices can deepen client relationships and increase firm profitability.

Finding clients who require above and beyond services can be challenging in our current COVID environment. You may have an idea of who would make an ideal client, but you don’t have the resources to prospect new business.

GrowthGenius is here to be your business partner. Our team specializes in generating new leads to your business based on your qualifying criteria. If you want to spend less time prospecting business and more time engaging clients, book us for a 30-minute conversation. We’re all ears!

Capitalizing On Stricter Auditing Requirements

We know new regulations have led to increased controls and scrutiny by external auditors, driving up demand for CPA services.

Demand has also grown for forensic accounting services to investigate white-collar crimes, such as securities fraud and embezzlement.

We want your firm to capitalize on stricter rules by using our lead generation strategies that focus on finding businesses that will need your services. We help you take advantage of the demand for CPA services through lead generation strategies that target your ideal clients.

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