Deal Origination
for Alternative Lenders

Get meetings with borrowers you want, guaranteed.

Our deal origination experts understand how to source meetings with companies that fit your deal criteria - at a fraction of the cost and headache of doing it internally.

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Deal Origination Tailored for Alternative Lenders

Pin-point companies that match your unique deal criteria

Our ever-growing database of over 120 million companies allows us to create lists of relevant borrowers using 41 unique search criteria.

Quality over

1:1 personalized reachouts and follow-ups.
We go to great lengths to preserve your reputation and ensure a positive first impression.

Vetted meetings directly into your calendar

Focus your senior origination team's time on the highest leverage activities: meetings with management of borrowers and managing their referral sources.

Fatima Zaidi, VP of Business Development at Eighty-Eight
287 new conversations
118 qualified meetings organized
$41 million in new loan opportunities

"We met dozens of new companies that simply weren't on our radar. Often times, we were the first lender they spoke to. Truly proprietary deal flow."
Karman Lee
Chief of Staff, Clearco
Clearco is a lending firm that specializes in non-dilutive revenue-share agreements with start-ups. It has raised over $680M to date.
Peter Reitano, Co-Founder & CEO of Abacus
433 new conversations
202 qualified meetings organized
$54 million in new loan opportunities

“Working with GrowthGenius was far less work than training someone new. And I would have never realized there were clients in places like Nova Scotia that were interested in us without GrowthGenius.”
Scott Spence
Managing Director, Fundsquire
Fundsquire is a VC-backed alternative growth lender. It has raised $75M to date from Fasanara Capital and has 23 employees.

Supercharge your origination efforts

We work with both asset-lite (venture debt, cash flow loans, royalty financing, SaaS loans) and asset-backed (ABL, receivables, inventory, purchase orders, equipment, factoring, etc) strategies and lenders across the globe.

Your funnel - Low
Your funnel - High
More conversations with target companies
We bring you more connections with ideal customers by increasing your prospecting capacity
Contacts reached out to
Contacts reached out to
Higher conversion rates
Our data driven, highly personalized, multi-channel and multi-touch approach to prospecting generates conversion rates at well above industry average
More meetings with target companies
With more positive responses, you'll book more meetings with customers who are interested in your product or service
More closed deals
More sales meetings will bring you more closed deals each month
Closed deals
Closed deals
More revenue
By growing the top of your funnel, GrowthGenius brings you more revenue

Note: Assuming a deal value of $50,000 - results will vary depending on the economics of your business
In new monthly revenue
In new
*For illustrative purposes only - results vary from company to company.
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Cold outreach at this price is useful for every function of your company
Public Relations
Business Development
Inbound Sales
Customer Development
Job Hunting
"Amazing! Get it immediately."
Fatima Zaidi
Co-Founder & CEO, Quill
“Prospecting used to take me days, it's been cut down to minutes.”
Peter Reitano
Co-Founder & CEO, Abacus

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