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From our database of more than 300 million contacts and billions of data points, we build you customized prospect lists of thousands of your ideal customers. Using broad search criteria like job title, company size and industry, or more specific criteria like monthly advertising spend, e-commerce platform provider or CRM technology, we connect you with the people and companies that are right for you.


I’m selling to marketing leaders at financial service companies with more than 500 employees and monthly digital ad spend of more than $30,000 located in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal who are running ads on Facebook, Google or LinkedIn

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James King
VP of Marketing
Bank of America
New York City, New York
Company Size: 209,000 employees
Monthly Digital Ad Spend: $2,500,000
Ad Channels: Google, LinkedIn
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Amy Hu
Head of Marketing
TD Canada Trust
Toronto, Ontario
Company Size: 85,000 employees
Monthly Digital Ad Spend: $1,300,000
Ad Channels: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook
Observation about company ad spend and Facebook strategy
Insights about ad strategy of similar companies and advantages of Facebook ads
Social proof to build trust and intriguing CTA
Case study of similar company to build trust and authority
Subject: BOA's Facebook strategy
Hi James,

I was digging around in some ad spend data for the banking industry and I saw that BOA is spending about $2.5M a month on digital ads but has very limited presence on Facebook.

A lot of big brands like BOA are shifting ad spend to Facebook because you can run much more targeted campaigns that produce a better CPA compared to platforms like Google or others.

I know because I am producing those results for great brands like Star Wars, Tim Hortons, Burt's Bees, to name a few.

If you've got a few minutes, I'd like to discuss a few ideas I have about improving BOA's digital spend on Facebook.

Let me know. Enjoy your day, James.

Co-Founder & CEO

PS - I can send you the case study from our engagement with CIBC so you can get a sense of what we've done for other companies in your industry if you'd like.
RE: BOA's Facebook strategy
Hi xxxxxx,

Thanks for your interest in BOA. I think Facebook could be a really strong channel for us, so I'd like to set up a call with you to discuss.

Would you have time tomorrow afternoon at 2:00pm EST? My number is xxxxxxxxx. Let me know if that works, if not purpose a time and I'll see what I can do.


Personalized interactions designed by humans, powered by data and smart technology

Generating interest from your ideal customers starts with great messaging. Prospects ignore messaging that isn't well researched, hand-written, and personalized. We use professional copywriters, researchers, lots of data and smart technology to deliver messages that convert.

Multi-channel, multi-touch outbound

Strategic, personalized touches through email and LinkedIn boost conversion rates well above industry average

Touch 4
Day 12
Personalized inbox message
Touch 3
Day 7
Personalized inbox message
Touch 2
Day 3
Personalized inbox message
Touch 1
Day 1
Connection request
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Example Email Sequence
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Touch 8
Day 39
Personalized email
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Touch 7
Day 32
Personalized email
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Day 25
Personalized email
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Day 20
Personalized email
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Day 14
Personalized email
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Day 8
Personalized email
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Touch 2
Day 4
Personalized email
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Touch 1
Day 1
Personalized email

Put your prospecting on autopilot

Our team of outbound sales experts plan, execute and optimize your prospecting, delivering a steady flow of ideal customers right to your inbox. We've assembled the pieces and we manage everything for you.

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Recruit, onboard, train and manage a team of outbound sales experts.

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Software & Code

Sales enablement software and proprietary tools to improve team coordination and effectiveness.

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Outbound Strategy

Market research, Ideal customer profile and buyer personas analysis, cadence design.

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Data Operations

Contact data acquisition and list building, email verification, data enrichment, data cleaning and storage.

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Prospect Research

Industry, company and prospect specific information from news, blogs, company sites, LinkedIn.

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Message Writing & Personalization

Professional copywriting and well researched personalization to improve conversions.

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Workflow Automation

Automated sending, follow ups, multi-channel coordination.

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Experiment Driven Process

Design and run experiments, A/B testing, analysis and reporting, optimization.

Fatima Zaidi, VP of Business Development at Eighty-Eight
"Having the sales prospecting done for me allowed me to focus on building relationships. GrowthGenius got us really solid leads. They took the time to understand the types of clients that we were looking for and wrote great email copy that comes across as genuine."
Fatima Zaidi
VP of Business Development at Eighty-Eight
Peter Reitano, Co-Founder & CEO of Abacus
"GrowthGenius understood exactly who our customers are. Getting incoming leads who have the budget and are ready to buy our service is like having a secret force working for us in the background."
Peter Reitano
Co-Founder & CEO of Abacus


With GrowthGenius delivering you more meetings with your ideal customers, you’ll book more demos, close more deals, and grow. The best part - we’ve priced our service at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire a sales development rep.

Your funnel
Your funnel with GrowthGenius
More conversations with ideal customers
We bring you more connections with ideal customers by increasing your prospecting capacity
Contacts reached out to
Contacts reached out to
Higher conversion rates
Our data driven, highly personalized, multi-channel and multi-touch approach to prospecting generates conversion rates at well above industry average
Positive reponses
Positive responses
More meetings with ideal customers
With more positive responses, you'll book more meetings with customers who are interested in your product or service
More closed deals
More sales meetings will bring you more closed deals each month
Closed deals
Closed deals
More revenue
By growing the top of your funnel, GrowthGenius brings you more revenue

Note: Assuming a deal value of $10,000 - results will vary depending on the economics of your business
In new revenue
In new revenue
*For illustrative purposes only - results vary from company to company. Talk to us about what results would look like for you.

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