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From venture-backed, high growth software companies to small creative agencies, we have generated millions of dollars in sales pipeline for B2B companies and sales teams of all sizes

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But big brands are not all we do. When companies like Uber and LinkedIn are not the ideal customer, we've generated great success connecting our customers with startups, small agencies, medical practices, mid market technology companies, among many others.

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We've generated sales meetings for companies across many industries, company sizes, and targeting a variety of buyer personas.

Fifty & Fifty

How Fifty & Fifty built a scalable sales pipeline of nearly 200 prospective customers in 1 year with the help of GrowthGenius

Fifty & Fifty is a creative digital agency based out of San Diego, California. For the last ten years, they've been supporting non-profits and social good organizations in the digital space. They offer a wide range of services including but not limited to website redesign, digital strategy, engagement campaigns, application building and marketing.
"GrowthGenius has broadened our reach and that to me has been one of the biggest benefits of the service. We're a two person team, so our reach is limited to Google searches, word of mouth and utilizing our networks.”
Jessica Yamada
VP of Business Development at Fifty & Fifty

How Fundsquire doubled their team size on the back of revenue generated by GrowthGenius

Fundsquire provides short term funding via debt-financing to businesses conducting R&D in Canada, UK, Australia. They let companies access their Scientific Research & Experimental Development tax credits early by providing quarterly advances on their expected tax refund.
“I would have never realized there were clients in places like New Brunswick or Nova Scotia that were interested in us without GrowthGenius.”
Scott Spence
Managing Director at Fundsquire
The DMZ at Ryerson University

How The DMZ ramped up their qualified leads by 700% in one month

The DMZ is Canada's top university business incubator, open to tech startups worldwide and helping entrepreneurs win since 2010. GrowthGenius worked with their accelerator program, which is an intensive four month program for growth focused, seed stage companies.
Prospecting is a long and time consuming process. You have to find the leads, enrich the data, get them in your CRM and reach out to prospects. GrowthGenius was able to take care of all of that for us while saving us 70% of our time spent on prospecting and boosted our qualified lead pipeline by 700%.
Yashin Shah
Accelerator Program Lead

How WorkTango built a predictable sales pipeline with GrowthGenius

WorkTango enables companies to give their employees a voice and easily collect feedback for any purpose. Using data science and natural language understanding, actionable insights from employee feedback is served in real-time to HR, executives, and people leaders. The results are quicker insight and action, better people decisions, and a more aligned and engaged workforce.
GrowthGenius has helped us connect and put us on the radar of organizations we were not connected with previously. I also do not have to spend a lot of time on sending out prospecting emails. It is really great to have someone working on prospecting in the background and to have interesting conversations with the right people who are interested in working with WorkTango.
Rob Catalano
Chief Engagement Officer & Co-founder

How Influx got 186 sales qualified leads with GrowthGenius

Influx provides customer support as a service for brands and tech companies using a complete support operation on demand, available 24/7, every day of the year (including holidays).
“I wanted a sustainable way of generating pipeline without having to hire a rep or rely exclusively on marketing dollars. GrowthGenius has been a great solution for us.”
Luke McCormack
Director & Head of Sales at Influx

How Eighty-Eight booked sales meetings with Virgin, Goodlife Fitness, and Kijiji with GrowthGenius

Eighty-Eight is a communications agency focused on branding and storytelling — their core services are PR & media relations, influencer + content marketing campaigns, and branding + design projects.
"Having the sales prospecting done for me allowed me to focus on building relationships. GrowthGenius got us really solid leads. They took the time to understand the types of clients that we were looking for and wrote great email copy that comes across as genuine."
Fatima Zaidi
VP of Business Development at Eighty-Eight

How 188 sales qualified leads has helped Abacus win more business and grow their team

Abacus is an award-winning, data-driven Facebook and Instagram advertising agency
"GrowthGenius understood exactly who our customers are. Getting incoming leads who have the budget and are ready to buy our service is like having a secret force working for us in the background."
Peter Reitano
Co-Founder & CEO of Abacus

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