Fifty & Fifty
"GrowthGenius has broadened our reach and that to me has been one of the biggest benefits of the service. We're a two person team, so our reach is limited to Google searches, word of mouth and utilizing our networks.”
Jessica Yamada
VP of Business Development at Fifty & Fifty

How Fifty & Fifty built a scalable sales pipeline of nearly 200 prospective customers in 1 year with the help of GrowthGenius

Fifty & Fifty relied on GrowthGenius to find and engage new ideal customers in the non profit and social sector. In 1 year, GrowthGenius assisted in broadening their reach and initiated nearly 400 conversations that led to nearly 200 prospective customers. They also closed multiple deals that led to 4X ROI on GrowthGenius services.

Jessica Yamada
VP of Business Development at Fifty & Fifty
About the company
Fifty & Fifty is a creative digital agency based out of San Diego, California.
Team size
16 employees
About Fifty & Fifty:

Fifty & Fifty is a creative digital agency based out of San Diego, California.

For the last ten years, they've been supporting non-profits and social good organizations in the digital space. They offer a wide range of services including but not limited to website redesign, digital strategy, engagement campaigns, application building and marketing.

Target audience

Non-Profits and Social Good Organizations

Engagement Objectives with GrowthGenius

Fifty & Fifty's primary goal was to grow their market share and broaden their reach.

Process and Pain Points prior to using GrowthGenius:

Prior to using GrowthGenius, Fifty & Fifty mainly relied on their network and partnerships for leads. They have done an excellent job at fostering a strong community and their work speaks for itself.

As they've grown (and they are steadily growing) there are certain revenue goals that they need to achieve. Fifty & Fifty has deployed several tactics to connect and engage with their ideal customers, including a project where they sent hundreds of emails to different organizations.

However, at the end of the day, it did not make sense to pursue time intensive activities such as email prospecting in house when their time could be better spent on accomplishing strategic goals.

Fifty & Fifty wanted to focus on driving conversations and engaging with the right prospect but resources and time were limited. As a result, they were looking for a more efficient way to prospect and this search led them to GrowthGenius.

Why GrowthGenius?
“We had a growth strategy in mind and I knew from previous experience and from the size of our company and capacity that we just weren't capable of reaching out to as many people as we knew would be necessary for us to achieve the kind of growth that we were looking for.”  

- Julie Lisac, Business Development at Fifty & Fifty

Their growth strategy initially prompted Fifty & Fifty to start looking at either hiring an SDR and bringing that in-house or leveraging services and companies that could fulfill that role for them.

They looked at a couple of companies and eventually chose GrowthGenius because they felt that GrowthGenius would be able to take a lot of work off of their plates and give them the most value for their money.

Fifty & Fifty also wanted to take a more personalized approach to sales prospecting and GrowthGenius fit the bill. They didn't want their brand to be misrepresented, and relationship building was still the core focus.

Ideally, they wanted to increase the number of organizations that they were able to get in front of through utilizing GrowthGenius’ services and also be able to stay involved in the campaign building process.  

Fifty & Fifty X GrowthGenius
“We've been very pleasantly surprised with some of the leads that we've gotten. There are some companies that we have gotten in touch with that we previously had not heard of and would not have come across otherwise. These companies are doing really great work that our agency can get behind.

GrowthGenius has broadened our reach and that to me has been one of the biggest benefits of the service. We're a two person team, so our reach is limited to Google searches, word of mouth and utilizing our networks.”

- Jessica Yamada

GrowthGenius allows a lot of flexibility and customization with the communication that is sent out and Fifty & Fifty has been receiving a handful of emails from people who comment on how our emails feel more personal and to the point.

“It is like having another person on our team which ultimately is only going to broaden our reach and increase the number of people that we're speaking to and sales is a numbers game.

The more people you can talk to on a weekly basis, the better the chances of actually closing something.”

- Julie Lisac, Business Development at Fifty & Fifty

GrowthGenius has delivered over 20,000 emails for Fifty & Fifty over the course of a year and initiated nearly 400 conversations between Fifty & Fifty and interested prospects that led to a pipeline of nearly 200 prospective customers. Fifty & Fifty was also able to close multiple deals through GrowthGenius and get a 4X ROI.

As a result, Fifty & Fifty was able to ramp up their sales prospecting process in a more efficient and effective way. According to Jessica, this has allowed them to invest more of their time in having more meaningful conversations and thinking about strategic bigger picture stuff.

The team at Fifty & Fifty feels that this is a much better use of their time as a small team.

“From a return on investment standpoint, we're currently sitting in a position where we are quite positive on our efforts with GrowthGenius, which is obviously where we want to keep it and maintain it. It has definitely proved to be really successful and we are in a phase where we would like to continue optimizing it.

Our Account Managers Andrew and Annie have done such a great job of making our jobs easy and I would want people like them on our team as well.
They are always on top of it - super responsive and providing suggestions on an ongoing basis.”

- Jessica Yamada

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