Top-Performing Cold Email Templates

Patrycja Maka
November 5, 2021

Cutting through the noise of a decision-makers inbox can feel like a Herculean task. 

It’s not enough to simply copy-and-paste great sales copy. 

You need to understand who you’re selling to, what their biggest problem really is, and how you can solve it. 

This is the difference between selling at someone vs. selling to them. 

Personalization and targeted messaging* is a huge factor in generating conversations with your ideal customers. 

Here are 6 great email templates you can use today to draft original and compelling cold sales outreach that converts! 
*BONUS checklist for personalizing sales copy below!

Email 1 is a Soft Intro

Think about how you can humanize the connection and your “pitch” may actually get read. 

  • Be mindful of your tone based on your audience. Are you too formal? Too casual? 
  • Include relevant details about their industry or company to show your prospect you’ve done your homework!
  • Avoid “marketing jargon” to sound more human (Does it sound like SPAM?) 
  • Position your business or service as a natural solution for challenges you know they might be experiencing

Example A: 

Hi {{first_name}},

My name is {{sender_name}}. I run a {{type}} company based just outside {{location}}. We specialize in A, B and C.

I don’t pretend to know your strategy or plans, but if there’s mutual interest, I’d like to learn more about {{company_natural}} and {{what_you_believe_they_need}}.

We’ve been working with startups and organizations to {{result}} since DATE (and we don’t {{list_value_add_or_pain_point}}).

I’ll prepare a follow-up with more detail for you, but I wanted to introduce myself here first.

Example B

Hi {{first_name}},

As a {{role_natural}}, I’m sure you’ve noticed that {{value_or_benefit}} are becoming a standard feature in the {{role_type}} playbook. Curious how you’re using {{your_specialization}} at {{company_name}}, if at all? 

I ask because my team provides {{type}} services for the {{type}} industry using the best {{tools_or_tech}} available ({{three_real_customers}}). 

Quick intro: I’m a {{role}} at {{sender_company}}, a {{company_descriptor}} that specializes in {{specialization}} for {{something_they_need}}.

I’d like to chat with you about the possibility of becoming a {{company_name}} partner for this rapidly-expanding market. Can we connect? 

Email 2 is Always a Follow-Up

The prospect doesn’t owe you a response – but you can make a quick case for it here. 

  • Mention that you’ve reached out before and that you’re following up - don’t avoid the truth! 
  • Think about your email as prime real estate. You have another ~150 words to elaborate on why you think they should get on that sales call
  • Hit hard with social proof and show off your success and link to your site or portfolio. 

Email A

I’ll make a very quick case for why this is worth your time, and you can decide if we should have the call I suggested below...

Lots of businesses {{desired_outcome_task_or_action}} with an {{traditional_method}}— {{list_2-3_traditional_and_outdated_methods_they_likely_use}}.

That’s often good enough when {{generalization}}. But the patchwork strategy creates {{3_pain_points} when {{traditional_systems}} are central to {{desired_outcome}} as it scales.

Just like a growing sales team inevitably graduates from spreadsheets to a CRM, there comes a point where it’s more profitable to {{business_value}} using a {{specialized_tool_or_service}} like ours. 

You can probably guess at the core features of {{sender_company}}, and the problems they solve, but I encourage you to see if there’s anything missing here.(link to site)

So I’m curious to know what you think. Should we book this call?

Email B

Following up here. As I mentioned, I suspect there is an opportunity for us to help you {{followup_logic}}.

I will spare you a long pitch here, but if you’re open to connecting, this short description of exactly how we work (link to site) might be relevant.

We’ve been helping organizations like A, B, C, and many other companies {{desired_result}} since YEAR (References available).

If you’ve got a few minutes today or tomorrow, you can reach me directly at NUMBER. Or we could schedule a call here, whatever is convenient.

I hope to hear from you.

Email 3 is a Nudge

You’ve emailed the prospect 3 times now, and still no response. 

  • Be a little more aggressive with your pitch and value propositions 
  • Introduce additional incentives to create a bit of a FOMO – fear of missing out
  • Think of your email sequence as a natural conversation progressing (avoid sounding repetitive, spammy, or worse, desperate)  
  • What value are you really offering? (How can you make it about them, not you?) 

Example A

I mentioned we use the best {{special_tools_or_tech}} available to create {{desired_outcome}} and I want you to consider us for {{incentive}}. 

Here’s why: By {{mention_unique_process_or_outcome}}, we help {{best_case_outcome}} for our clients. 

That means {{role_type}} teams like yours can expect guaranteed progress (outsourced accountability) without adding costly internal capacity. 

I think it could be valuable to set up a time to discuss a potential partnership between {{company_name}} and {{sender_company}}. 

Are you open to a short chat? 

Email B

I just realized I left out a critical detail in my previous messages. {{sender_company}}’s {{product_or_service}} can be {{ease_of_adoption}}. 

This is crucial because we know organizations with {{qualifier}} benefit greatly from a plug and play solution that {{benefit}} and keeps everything {{benefit}}. 

We may be reaching a point of diminishing returns with this exchange. I’ve given you a fair amount of high-level detail but the only way to move forward is a conversation where we find out if this is something you can really leverage at {{company_natural}}.

If yes, can we put 10 mins in the calendar? 

Note: At GrowthGenius, we send ~4-8 emails in our campaigns, and typically generate responses in the first 4. 


A cold email is a sales email sent to a potential buyer who the seller has no prior relationship with. 

That’s why personalization is so important: a good cold email is thoughtful and well-researched. 

Here are 10 easy ways you can personalize your outreach

  • The email subject should be personalized in some way: reference the person’s name, company, or role – anything that doesn’t look like a regular marketing email will get noticed! 
  • Consider “equals networking” - who are you in relation to your prospect? What do you have in common? 
  • What observations can you make about the their role? 
  • What observations can you make about their job history / career path? 
  • Where are they from? (school, or perhaps country?) 
  • What is their company’s mission statement or motto? 
  • What tools / services are they probably using instead of yours? 
  • What are the main challenges in their role? 
  • Have they been published or mentioned anywhere online? 
  • Keep your CTA (call-to-action) natural-sounding: you’re selling the conversation first, not your product or service
  • Who are their biggest competitors? 

Get creative! Stop selling and start connecting with your prospects. 

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