Executive Placement and Recruiting

May 5, 2022

Do you own an executive placement and recruiting firm but struggle to find suitable candidates or companies to work for?

Executive placement and recruiting are about sourcing high-quality candidates for senior-level positions. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, executive and recruitment agencies only look for senior-level jobs—companies hire them to find the executive for them.

Executive search firms understand the importance of hiring the right candidate for senior-level roles. Hiring the wrong person can be costly and detrimental to the business's growth and success. 

These firms work with companies to understand what the role entails and the professional they are looking for to fill the position.

How Do Executive Placement and Recruiting Companies Find Candidates?

  1. The company looking for an executive to fill a role hires a third partner to give them executive search services to find the best professionals to fill the position.
  2. The recruiters in these companies find the right people for the job and approach them. They don’t use job boards. They reach out to professionals to find the best prospect possible.
  3. Once they find a possible recruit, it is their job to persuade the candidate to take the job.

So how do executive placement and recruiting firms find candidates? 

Executive recruiters employ researchers who go through a lengthy research process to create a list of potential candidates. They search for potential candidates in similar roles in the same industry as their clients.

An executive recruiter focuses on finding suitable candidates to fill senior-level positions in many industries. One thing that many executive recruiting firms struggle with is finding the right candidates. Often it can take up a lot of time that they can otherwise focus on growing their business and helping their clients. 

What if they can’t find a suitable candidate?

Many executive recruitment professionals struggle to find candidates, build their network, and close leads. They often struggle with outreach and spend a lot of time and resources to find suitable candidates.

One huge aspect of executive placement or recruitment is creating new relationships with candidates and businesses. They don't have the tools, resources, or network to reach all the professionals they would like to reach.

They also lack the right growth strategy to find the right prospects. 

Executive recruiters must create strong relationships with businesses and candidates they have never worked with before, which requires a value proposition, marketing, networking, etc.

That’s where Growth Genius can help.

We can help executive placement and recruiting professionals find ideal candidates. We help recruiters spend less time finding suitable candidates by taking an automated approach and targeting the niche they want to talk to.

If you struggle to find suitable candidates for your executive recruitment and placement firm, you're not alone. You can save time, money, and resources by investing in services that can help you find prospects and build relationships.

We help executive recruiting firms target their specific niche. This can help you start new relationships and help grow your recruitment activities.

Save yourself time and hassle—let our automation do the work for you. 

Our software saves executive placement and recruiting professionals time. We alert you when an ideal match says yes, so once they say yes, you can work your magic.

Finding and vetting suitable candidates can be challenging, but you can grow your business by investing in services that help you find the right people. 

Let GrowthGenius help you take your recruitment activities to a new level.

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