Deal Origination for Alternative Lenders

Will Richman
January 12, 2022

Are you an alternative lender providing loans to individuals and businesses outside of the bank and struggling to generate leads and grow your business without the resources to spend on sourcing? Then this article is for you.

Alternative lenders work with GrowthGenius to maximize their lead generation and generally realize three key benefits in doing so:

  1. Direct outreach to targeted borrowers for investment opportunities
  2. Growth of their referral network
  3. Having a process and system in place to deploy automated deal announcements and credit box reminders, saving time and keeping their brand top-of-mind. 

Why is it Important for Alternative Lenders to Find the Right Borrowers?

Alternative lenders must set out specific criteria for their target borrowers. Having a well-defined borrower persona is critical to growth and success.

Working with GrowthGenius enables alternative lenders to source and reach their target borrower, or referral sources at scale to fulfill lending opportunities efficiently and save costs when compared to conducting the same work internally.  

In addition to saving costs, working with deal origination experts can save time and the stress involved in running these initiatives internally. This enables lenders to focus on more nuanced aspects of the lending process and strengthen existing relationships within their referral network instead of constantly sourcing possible borrowers.

‍Sourcing Companies That Match Your Unique Deal Criteria

With a database of over 120 million companies globally, GrowthGenius can create targeted lists of relevant borrowers to match you with your ideal prospects. We use 41 unique search criteria or filters and create 1:1 personalized reach outs and follow-ups to ensure a positive first impression.

Once we source your ideal borrower and qualify them against your criteria, our team can set a meeting with them directly into your calendar.

At the meeting, you’ll be able to go through any final qualifications with the prospect before issuing a term sheet. Our approach and process have generated millions of dollars in issued term sheets for our clients in this space. 

‍We are able to do this by leveraging your target criteria to source opportunities that you may have otherwise overlooked—all while maintaining your reputation in the marketplace.

Spend Time On Growing Your Business

Prospecting is time-consuming work. When you work with us, you will spend far less time and resources than it would take to train someone internally (e.g., sourcing opportunities, writing copy, following up in a disciplined manner). Leveraging our services will allow you to find borrowers that flew under your radar, opening your business to hundreds of possible new loan opportunities.

We work with both asset-lite and asset-back strategies and lenders around the world, including:

  • Venture debt
  • Cash flow loans
  • Royalty financing
  • SaaS loans
  • ABL
  • Receivables
  • Inventory
  • Purchase orders
  • Equipment
  • Factoring

 If your business is struggling to achieve its origination objectives, we can help.

We Understand Origination

We understand that alternative lenders can struggle to find the right borrowers or even fully identify their landscape of borrowing opportunities. 

We can supercharge your origination efforts and help drive other organizational efficiencies for you. Our origination process, backed by GrowthGenius prospecting technology, delivers more meetings with qualified target borrowers for less than it costs to do it yourself. 

Additionally, our platform can help:

  • Grow your referral network utilizing campaigns that target qualified referral firms
  • Automate deal announcements to save your team time while also ensuring your firm stays top-of-mind in the market
  • Keep your network aware of your credit box requirements

GrowthGenius has the right experience, strategies, resources, and tools in place to identify the right lending opportunities for your business for a fraction of the cost it would take for your business to do it internally.

Book a free consultation today to learn how we can achieve your origination objectives.

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