A Beginner's Guide to Today’s Outbound Marketing

November 24, 2021

Outbound marketing is how companies connect with and reach out to their ideal client base. It involves reaching out to customers to interest them in your product.

In the past, outbound marketing was about finding prospective clients (prospecting), booking meetings, and eventually closing the deal.

Today, outbound marketing looks a bit different. Businesses are now looking at new, more effective outbound marketing strategies to maximize resources and save time and money.

These new strategies reduce the amount of time businesses spend finding prospects, giving them more time to close leads.

Learn more about it below.

Outbound Marketing: Out With the Old, in With the New

Prospecting occurs when salespeople reach out to people using specific sales tactics to create sales opportunities. It is one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of sales.

Prospecting includes researching leads, identifying potential customers, and communicating with prospects to convert them into paying customers.

Different forms of prospecting can include cold calling and cold emails.

Once a salesperson identifies a prospect, they connect with the lead—whether it be through booking a phone call, an in-person meeting, or anything in between.

After identifying a prospect, a salesperson then identifies the prospect’s needs and tries to show them how they can fulfill these needs.

These tactics all have an end goal: to push a lead further down the sales funnel in hopes of closing the deal.

This type of outbound marketing does not have many efficient ways of measuring outbound data.

The Importance of Measuring Outbound Data

Metrics are a critical part of any outbound marketing strategy, but many businesses have no real way of measuring outbound data.

Effective outbound marketing strategies rely heavily on metrics to analyze data and provide information that can help companies improve their prospecting.

At GrowthGenius, that’s exactly what we do.

We have a dashboard included in the app that allows you to have complete granular data about everybody who responded to your emails so you can better understand and prospect in the future. We give data on respondent industries, job titles, Linkedin activity and more.

We Help Companies Find Their Ideal Prospects

GrowthGenius helps companies find their ideal clients. We do the hard work for them so they can focus on other more important aspects of their business.

We provide businesses with data about who best wants their products. This significantly reduces time spent on prospecting and allows companies to spend as much time as they need on closing.

When you can focus more time and resources on closing deals rather than finding prospects, you can build better relationships with leads and close deals that count.

With this outbound marketing approach, we complete an in-depth analysis of your company and your customers. From there, we create a customized prospecting strategy and build contact lists with your ideal customers.

Then we create personalized messages to create conversations with prospects that convert.

We test and optimize each strategy so that we are constantly improving and automating your prospecting. By optimizing strategies, we save you time and resources you can otherwise use to have meaningful conversations with your ideal customers.

GrowthGenius Plans, Executes and Optimizes Your Prospecting

When searching for an outbound marketing service, you want to look for an agency that allows you to focus on what you love—your business!

At GrowthGenius, we strive to ensure our software ticks all these boxes so our clients can simplify their outreach system and continue to grow their business.

We create and execute prospecting strategies that send ideal prospects straight to your inbox so that you can have real conversations with them and close deals.

To find out more about our process and service, click here.

Go towards growth with GrowthGenius and outbound marketing. Click here to learn more.

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